Consolidation of the AIJU International Projects Office (OPI)

"The project, financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, as part of the National Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation plan 2008-2011, enabled consolidation of the activities of the AIJU International Projects Office. The International Projects Office represents the operational structure to enable an increase in Spanish participation in European R&D+i projects in a systematic, effective and efficient way, for both the Technological Centre and the industry it serves, and to improve returns from European Union programmes.
The objectives are:
* Promotion of participation by Spanish companies in European R&D+i programmes. Projects with a high possibility of success.
* Increasing Spanish human potential that is expert in managing European projects.
* Preparation of Spanish companies for the challenges of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union (2007-2013) and Technological platforms, and other programmes and actions of interest for the sector.
* Improved coordination between actors involved in managing European projects.   * Improvement in competitiveness of the Spanish industrial sector of toys, children's products and leisure.
* Increase in return obtained by the centre in the 7th Framework Programme.
In addition, the International Projects Office, in line with the activities of the AIJU toward the industry, has a clear orientation toward R&D+i projects for SMEs, collaborating with them in their integration in international consortia, and facilitating the companies with all their procedures related to presentation of different programmes and existing calls for participation.
Specifically, the AIJU International Projects Office tries to work on different fronts with its own researchers, collaborators and companies to increase the number of European projects in which Spain effectively participates through:
* Implementation of activities that ensure that our technicians and researchers have the information necessary on calls for participation, contacts with eventual European collaborators and training opportunities. Offering guidance on sources of finance and possibilities of success based on studies of funded projects, as well as help with preparing and presenting projects.
* Improvement in project management as well as staff training and recycling of staff with experience in the topic. Improving training in European Project Management for managers and researchers.
* Promoting the presence of AIJU in European Union Offices for increasing human resource with experience in research management.
* Collaboration, coordination and information exchange at all levels. To do this, it is necessary to identify the various actors involved in the management and financing of research with European funds in order to establish cooperation frameworks and optimise resources."


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