Start of the Crowd Knowledge business accelerator.
The CEEI Alcoy and seven companies of the interior regions have launched the business accelerator, Crowd Knowledge. This is a programme in which AIJU takes part and that promotes and supports entrepreneurs with projects that have high growth potential in terms of idea development and that emerge on the market with better chances of success. The main aim is to promote the creation and growth of innovative companies, investing local resources locally.
What does the programme consist of?
The programme is divided into three phases:
Phase 1. Attracting entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas, until 30 September. The aim is to attract projects from entrepreneurs/innovators and to select the most viable to pass to the second phase of the programme. If you are interested, contact the CEEI.
Phase 2. Business accelerator: Crowd Knowledge. In this second phase, companies selected will start to form part of a joint working process with mentors/experts and with CEEI technicians in the centre's facilities where they will be accommodated free of charge for 6 months. For this phase of co-working and training and development of the company's projects, market segmentation, pilot product launch, analysis of feedback from the market, etc., there will be capital provided by the companies for financing their launch.
Phase 3. First round of private funding. After company creation and preparation for project launch, there will be a first round of funding that will consist in the presentation of the startups to private investors interested in contributing capital for market launch and growth.
Who can participate in the programme and how?
Entrepreneurs with projects in the initial phases can participate in the programme by completing an application form. The deadline for presentation is 30 September 2014.
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