Design and promotion of environmental solutions for promoting sustainable and competitive industrial processes in the Region of Valencia - PROSOCOM

Knowledge development and innovative proposals for improving the competitiveness of companies through the environment, all directed toward three technological directions: water, energy-from-waste and eco-design.

Following the actions carried out, the results obtained were:
- The current eco-efficient production situation was analysed in each of the three arms of the project (water: types of industrial estates in the Region of Valencia with respect to waste water, waste water disposal and current alternatives for recycling; energy-from-waste: situation of facilities for treating urban residues, not dangerous residues and some inert residues of the Region of Valencia with respect to their level of eco-efficiency; eco-design: identification of processes, products and services with the highest potential and need for environmental improvement, evaluating the degree of application of eco-design in them).

- Improvements with respect to the current situation were identified, proposed, developed and applied through alternatives or easy-to-transfer technologies (methodology of design for recycling waste water, catalogue of measures for energy efficiency improvement, eco-design software).

Start date: 01/01/12
Duration: 2 years
Status: Ongoing
Funding: IVACE
File No.: IMDECA/2012/108 and IMDECA/2013/54
Contact: Enrique Añó
Contact email:


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