inNANO - Innovation with nanotechnologies for SMEs

"The main aim of this project is to enable participating SMEs, and in general all SMEs of the plastic and metal sectors, to understand and learn about nanotechnologies, enabling them to enhance the performance of their products, applied directly to raw materials or as a surface treatment, achieving new decisive benefits in these sectors that are daily becoming more competitive. Using these technologies will enable making a difference in competitiveness, with Spanish SMEs becoming increasingly innovative, stronger and more competitive. Analysis of the situation of selected companies determined individual action plans. Consequently, the following research on materials is planned:
Materials with bactericidal properties.
Materials with electromagnetic shielding.
Nano-coatings with varnish finish, that improve durability and shine, on porcelain.
Improvement of the final properties of the product with nano-materials."

Start date: 01/09/2010
Duration: 31/12/2010
Status: Initial phase
Funding: MITYC
Contact: Asunción Martínez


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