Internal training and AIJU Doctorate 2012

List of training activities:
- International Congress Grove Fuel Cells 2012
- Microelectronics course
- Nashtram Unigraphics course     
   - Training course on augmented reality
- Technology monitoring course
- “Legislation and development of technical regulations on healthcare products" course
- Design of Z-Brush characters
- 16th International Congress on Project Engineering
- International conference on obtaining energy from waste and biomass
- Practical workshop on "Waste management in the company"
- 3rd International Meeting on higher and new technologies
- "High precision technology for the measurement of permeability of containers" course
- "Development of applications for Apple mobiles" course
- "Biodegradable polymers" course
- 1st International Symposium on active ageing and intergenerational solidarity
- "Nanotechnology: the time of industrialisation" course
- "Nanotechnology: the time of industrialisation" course
- Development of games for PC, MAC, IOS and ANDROID with UNITY3D
- International Workshop on Nanocarbon Composites
- Debate on sustainability, recycling and reuse of plastics
- Training course in "Cloud computing and Crowd Sourcing"
- Creation and management of offers for products and technological services event
- Course on analysis and correction of faults in injectable plastic components
- Technical meeting in the alternative car and fuels exhibition


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