Revitalisation of the toy cluster through various innovative activities - DINAMIZAEI

The general aim of this project is that of strengthening this collaboration through a platform based on the principles of "open innovation", and so promoting the range of opportunities to potential and existing entrepreneurs.
The idea is to provide a complete process for entrepreneurship, supporting entrepreneurs from the germ of the idea to consolidation of the business project.
The companies that can take advantage of beneficial results are firstly, all companies that are associated to entities, quantified as approximately 100, as well as any person or company wishing to participate in this experience and will provide an additional plus to the value chain in the sectors involved. The types of companies are mostly industrial and commercial SMEs as well as individual professionals, both characteristic of the business fabric of Valencia and Spain.

Start date: 01/01/2013
Duration: 12 months
Status: Ongoing
File No.: AEI-010400-2013-139
Contact: David Monllor
email contact:
Consortium: Toy cluster, Footwear cluster.


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