Technology Platform for Traditional Manufacturing Sectors - PLATECMA

The aim of the TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM FOR TRADITIONAL MANUFACTURING SECTORS is to improve competitiveness and sustainability of the traditional manufacturing industry through promotion and encouragement of research, technological development and innovation. It was formed with the vocation of integrating all the agents involved in these industrial groupings to define and promote joint strategies at the national level to enable consolidation of a structured network for industry, science and technology capable of responding to future competitive challenges.
The intention is to bring together all the public and private agents of the value chain of the sectors involved to identify and prioritise the technology and research needs of the industries in the medium and long term, and so to advise the bodies responsible for technology policy.
To develop a work programme revitalising the area of action, generating medium and long term strategic proposals that promote R&D+i and competitiveness of the industrial sectors that make up PLATECMA.

Start date: 01/01/2013
Duration: 12 months
Status: Ongoing
File No.: INF-2013-0187-020000
Contact: David Monllor
Contact email:


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