Actions of competitive improvement of toy safety before the new directive comes into force - "TOYMARKET"

"Funded by IMPIVA through the 2nd Competitiveness Plan for Companies of Valencia (PCEV), the project facilitated adaptation of the Valencia toy industry to the new technical and management requirements of the toy safety directive, in force since July, through two main lines of action:
- First hand knowledge of the requirements of the recently published European regulations.
- Training in the new safety requirements as well as risk evaluation and development of specific solutions for performing risk evaluations for certain toy categories. This project has converted adaptation to new security requirements into an opportunity for raising the competitive positioning of toy companies in the Region of Valencia, in both the European market and in other markets where European legislation is the safety benchmark, such as in many Latin American countries."

Start date: 01/01/2011
Duration: 31/12/2011
Status: Ongoing
Funding: IMPIVA
Contact: Karina Pernías
File: IMPCMD/2011/44


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