IMPVAL - Impact Assessment and Analysis Methodology Validation of substances included in the toy and complementary regulations

"The chemical requirements indicated in the new toy safety directive published in 2009 (2009/48/EC) can imply a major change in the materials that form part of children's articles. There was until now no methodology to effect the analysis. However, owing to participation in standardisation committees it can be revealed that in some cases modifications will be made on existing standards. In addition to the requirements of the new directive, complementary regulations such as REACH must be considered, so that validation must be broader. The results pursued in the project are:
1. Evaluate the suitability of the materials currently used in children's products against the new requirements of 2009/48/EC (new Toy Safety Directive).
2. Obtain full validation of our own test methodologies and developed in-house to obtain the result.
The project is currently in an intermediate phase. Requirements and monitoring guidelines have been established for monitoring methods of EN 71-3 and REACH and we are working on the development and validation of test methods."

Start date: 19/02/2010
Duration: 31/12/2011
Status: Intermediate phase
Funding: IMPIVA
Contact: Luisa Marín
File: IMIDIC/2010/29 and IMDEEA/2011/18


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