Methods of analysis for determination of legislated substances in childcare articles intended for child feeding - BISFENOLTEST

"The recent change in the legislation on the presence of bisphenol A in polycarbonate baby bottles as well as the announcement of monitoring polyamide crockery for children's feeding imported from Asiatic countries has promoted this project. The specific aims are:
1. Development of tools, in the form of test methods, that will enable verification of the products in accordance with applicable legislation. With special mention of the prohibition on the use of bisphenol A, the proposed test methods are specially focussed on obtaining analytical parameters, both instrumental and methodological, as a way of guaranteeing the determinations (especially at European level).
2. Adaptation of the new regulations to products manufactured with melamine-formamide resins by the development and validation of analysis methods relative to the monomers used (formaldehyde and melamine - 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine). These methods are based on migration obtained after the application of various food simulants (both aqueous and organic)."

Start date: 01/01/2011
Duration: 31/12/2012
Status: Ongoing
Funding: IMPIVA
Contact: Luisa Marin
File: IMDEEA/2012/8


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