Pre-standardisation investigation of test methods for silicones in children's products

"Children's products used for feeding such as baby bottle teats, training cups and cutlery employ materials such as silicone because of the performance and properties they impart to the final product. The overall aim of the project is to improve safety, from the chemical point of view, of children's products used for infant feeding. Therefore, the following specific objectives have been set:
1. Delimitation of the suitability of alternative simulants to oil, used in overall migration tests, for the types of silicone used in children's products.
2. Obtaining a method for the determination of overall migration, in accordance with legislative requirements, for silicones in contact with foods containing fats or oils.
3. Identification of substances with migration potential in children's products made with silicone."

Start date: Jan-08
Duration: 12 months
Status: Ongoing
Funding: IMPIVA
Contact: Luisa Marín


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